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June, 2014 Product Focus:

Tele-Tower® Work Platforms & Access Equipment

The Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform by Telpro Inc is the most versatile work platform available for working heights up to 18′ (24′ with the optional extension). The Tele-Tower®, with its unique manual cable elevating system, delivers versatility and productivity in a simple, low maintenance, cost effective,  integrated access solution.

We have four base models to choose from in 6′ and 8′ platform lengths. Two models geared toward OSHA 1910.29  for General Industry and two models geared toward OSHA 1926.451 for Construction:

Tele-Tower Models Grid

With the optional accessories the Tele-Tower® becomes a true mobile workstation, permitting the operator to remain productively deployed at the work area without having to climb down and up to move the platform or get tools and materials.

Here’s a standard Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform Model 1101 fully equipped with the manual ground drive, safety hoist, tool trays, and drilldrive height adjustment. With these options, the Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform is transformed into a self-mobile work station, allowing workers to remain safely and productively deployed at the work surface instead of taking extra time to climb down and back up each time to move the unit or to get tools and supplies:

Here’s an overview video on the Tele-Tower®:

Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform

Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform

You can follow these links for more information:

Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform Brochure

Ground Drive Unit for Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform

Here’s a partial list of our Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform customers!

Tele-Tower® Mobile Tower Safety Hoist

Other Accessories for the Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform

Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform Document Downloads

Please call as at 701-775-0551  or  1-800-448-0822  or  email us if you have any questions or need additional information.  We’ve done many custom adaptations of the Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform, so if you have a specific application that our standard equipment doesn’t quite service let us know your situation and we’ll see how we can be of assistance in solving your personnel access needs.

In that time, the PANELLIFT® brand line of drywall lifts has become the gold standard of the industry and the world wide benchmark by which all others are measured. This same excellence in design and construction pervades our personnel access equipment, specialty lifting and handing products, industrial/commercial carts, specialty construction tools & equipment, and our custom design solutions to our customers’ unique lifting, handling and access needs.

Telpro Inc.  has provided high value stock and custom designed lifting, handling, personnel access solutions and specialty tools and equipment to all manner of industries and specialty trades including construction, HVAC, drywall, electrical, equipment rental,  nuclear power plants, aerospace, defense, wind energy manufacturers,  mass transit authorities, US Navy, US Air Force, automotive manufacturers, the hospitality industry, convention/exhibit halls and entertainment venues just to name a few.

Telpro Inc.  also provides overflow capacity and customized manufacturing services for a variety of other manufactures whose demand is exceeding their capacity. We can provide fabrication, welding, assembly, painting, packaging, warehousing and shipping services. If you’re a manufacturer missing out on sales for lack of capacity, let us know how we can be of service.

Our offices and main manufacturing facility are located in the US in Grand Forks, North Dakota in our 100,000 square foot facility.

If you have a material lifting or handling need, specialty personnel access or specialty  equipment needs check over the products listed here.  If you don’t see something that meets your need, contact us. We’d like to see if we can develop a solution for you.  If your manufacturing needs are more customized, let us know how we can help.

Let us know if you have any thoughts about our company or our products. You can contact us using the “Talk to the Owners” form at the side of this page or drop a comment on the product page that’s of interest.

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