About the Owners

Here’s some more info on who we are and what we’re seeking to be about as a company:

Where We’re Coming From.

Foundational to all our work at Telpro Inc.® is the fact that God is our creator. It is our desire to honor Him in our work and business relationships.

Where We’re Going.

It is the vision of Telpro Inc.® to reflect the creativity, integrity and love of God in our business operations in a way that helps individuals be drawn to the Grace of Jesus Christ.

How We Work.

This vision is being pursued though a manufacturing and service organization which focuses on providing unique labor saving equipment, whether proprietary or custom designed,  that is known for excellence in design and construction.

How We Think.

To Enjoy Life Properly Requires Ongoing Innovation — Not Complacency. This simple yet powerful concept which is the core of all our processes forms an acrostic which gives our company its name:  TELPRO INC®.

Some Details.

Telpro Inc.® has been privately owned since 1972. We are especially conscientious about the way our products are built and the way we work with our customers because we believe that the quality of our work and relationships reflect not only on us here at Telpro®, but on God, our Maker and Redeemer. The people we serve: our customers, employees and vendors, are the barometers of our progress. We know we have room to improve and we’re interested to hear ideas on ways we can be of service whether it’s in our product offerings or in our organization.

Contact the Owners:


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