Ground Drive Unit For The Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform

Here’s an overview video of our new, patent pending, ground drive unit for the Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform. It covers the quick assembly process and operational features and benefits of this great accessory.

With the ground drive installed the operator can move the work platform from the working deck rather than taking time to climb down and back up each time,  drastically improving  productivity as well as enhancing  safety.

The Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform ground drive unit allows the operator to move the platform up to the  OSHA “speed limit” of one foot per second. When moving the Tele-Tower® across longer distances on the work site, simply lift and lock the ground drive unit up and roll the Tele-Tower® as fast as you can walk.

A Tele-Tower® Adjustable Work Platform equipped with the optional ground drive unit gives all the convenience of expensive hydraulic platforms at a fraction of the cost.

Call us today for more details. 1-800-448-0822.


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