Doorminator® Door Handlers & Installation

The Doorminator® Door Handler makes fast work of handling and installing heavy commercial fire rated doors. Whether it’s new construction or maintenance, one worker can safely, easily and rapidly handle doors that would normally require two or more people.

doorm-back  doorminator 3070 frontDoorminator with logo

Two models (and a third in the works) of the Doorminator® provide safe, ergonomic handling of commercial doors from 3’x7′ up to 4’x10′ and weights up to 400 lbs.

Whether you have hundreds of doors to hang or hundreds of pounds of door to handle, the Doorminator® Door Handler is your new best friend.

Here’s a video on the Model 3070:

Check out our article featured in The Institutional Locksmith Magazine.

You can order the Doorminator® from our on-line store HERE.

The Model 40100 Doorminator® is newer and we’re still finishing a video for that. I’ll post it here when it’s ready.

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