The Troll® Cart Model 1361 & 1814

The Troll® Model 1361 & 1814 Material Handling Carts by Telpro Inc. are the best materials handling carts made in the USA. These Carts are tough enough to handle heavy duty loads up to 4000 lbs. yet light enough to carry for one person. Since it comes standard with a braking swivel lock caster, tight corners and narrow spaces are easily maneuverable.  Convert the carts to a flatbed for hauling or storing buckets, tools, or other job related necessities.


-On-board storage for upright handles

-Converts to a flatbed multi-purpose cart

-Stout 4000 lbs load rating

– Model 1361- load stacking space of 12″

-Model 1814- load stacking space of 18″

-One braking swivel lock caster comes standard on each cart.

View the The Troll® Model 1361 & 1814 Brochures HERE.

To buy:

Email us or call us at 1-800-448-0822 to find a dealer near you or buy on-line.

Are you a Customer in the United Kingdom? Buy from our dealers in the UK, Access Platform Sales and  ESE Direct!


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