The Troll® Model 1270 Material Cart

Made exclusively for Telpro Inc.,  The Troll® Brand Model 1270 Material Cart is our import version of Telpro Inc.’s Troll® Model 1361.The Troll® Model 1270 is the only import material cart made exclusively to Telpro Inc. specifications and incorporating Telpro Inc.’s patented proprietary design features.


-On-board storage for upright handles

-Converts to a flatbed multi-purpose cart

-Stout 3000 lbs load rating

– Model 1270- load stacking space of 12″

-One braking swivel lock caster comes standard on each cart.

To buy:

Email us or call us at 1-800-448-0822 to find a dealer near you or buy on-line.

Are you a customer in the United Kingdom? Please buy from our UK Distributor ESE Direct!


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