Troll® EZ Wheel Roll Out Dumpster Dolly

Telpro is very excited to add the Troll® EZ Wheel Dumpster Dolly to our Troll® Line of specialty material handling carts and dollies.

59 Troll CAT01        69 Troll CAT   

This is a great innovation for safely handling large capacity 65 gal. and 95 gal. roll out dumpsters and refuse containers. The Troll® EZ Wheel Dumpster Dolly is especially useful in high density fill settings such as document shredding & disposal and any commercial setting where safety and ergonomics are a concern.

Telpro previously manufactured this tool as an OEM product for one of our customers.  Telpro has recently taken over the patent license and is now offering this great innovation to our entire customer base.

You can see several videos of the EZ Wheel in action HERE.

For more information, pricing, delivery, etc., call our sales team at 1-800-448-0822, buy online, or email us.


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