Panellift® World’s Best Drywall Lifts

Telpro Inc. has been making the World’s Best Drywall Lifts in Grand Forks, North Dakota since 1973. In all modesty, we’re the defining standard and the one everyone else wishes they could match. We’re not the least expensive and that will never be our aim. Our aim is to always make sure that we offer the most outstanding manufacturing quality matched with real design innovation resulting in reliable, productive equipment that lasts for years.

If you’re thinking of owning a drywall lift, PANELLIFT® brand from Telpro Inc. is the one you want.  150 lbs over your head is no place for a disposable lift.

We’ve got 4 models and three duty grades to choose from. Click the pictures for more information on each model:

Standard Duty Grade:

Commercial Duty Grade:

Professional Duty Grade:

You should particularly look at our new, patented Model 439 Commercial Grade manual chain drive unit. The Model 439 was designed to stand the rigors of life as a rental unit and carries a three year limited warranty on the drive train lift components making it the perfect unit for heavy commercial use. Here’s a link to a video on it:

Email us for more information, or call us at 1-800-448-0822.