Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 138-2 by Telpro Inc.

PANELLIFT 138-2 Web Cat

The original PANELLIFT® Brand Drywall Lift Model 138-2 by Telpro Inc. is the industry’s leading drywall lift. After 40 years, it’s still the best built, easiest to operate, longest lasting cable drive lift available. We’re not kidding when we say, “beware of imitations.” Telpro Inc.’s patented designs and U.S.  manufacturing make the PANELLIFT®  brand drywall lift the clear choice if you’re not into buying disposable equipment.

Why struggle with wallboard when you can single handedly lift wallboard up to 11 foot walls and ceilings.  Cradle tilts laterally 65 degrees for easy loading and for installation on walls and sloped ceilings.  It also tilts longitudinally 10 degrees.  Fast action, single stage winch with silent cam-lock brake easily lifts and lowers wallboard so you don’t have to strain your back.


  • Max. Standard Reach: 11′
  • Reach with Extension 154: 12′ 6″
  • Reach with Extension 186: 15′
  • Standard Loading Height: 37″
  • Loading Height with Loader 195: 2-4″
  • Load Capacity: 150 lbs.
  • Sheet Size & Capacity: single drywall sheets up to 4′ x 16′
  • Power Source: Manual
  • Lift Mechanism: Single Stage Cable
  • Storage & Transport Cart Available: Model 110 or 117

Made in USA by Telpro Inc.

To Buy:

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Email us or call us at 1-800-448-0822 for purchase information

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Are you a Customer in the United Kingdom? Buy from our dealers in the UK, Access Platform Sales and  ESE Direct!


4 Responses to Panellift® Drywall Lift Model 138-2 by Telpro Inc.

  1. bill says:

    What’s not to like! My lumbar spine loves this lift!

  2. danayoung says:

    Thanks, Bill! We’re glad our equipment is doing its job for you. Thank for choosing Telpro.

  3. mike eder says:

    Now purchasing after renting numerous times, never had any negative issue.
    My favorite feature is “Made in USA” which I strongly try for on everything I purchase.
    mike…. Patriot Contracting

    • danayoung says:

      Thanks very much, Mike. We truly appreciate both your choosing Telpro and your kind words.

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